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Enter the terms you wish to search for. In 1996 Ron and Pat Book hired a nanny to where can sex offenders live in broward county manage their frenetic household in Plantation, Fla.

Ron is one of the state’s most powerful lobbyists and was traveling constantly. Pat was consumed with running a chocolate shop she had recently opened. For Lauren, though, Flores’s arrival marked the beginning of a private horror. One day early on, the nanny asked the girl to spit out her chewing gum.

When Lauren refused, Flores leaned in, stuck her tongue into Lauren’s mouth, and removed the gum with it. Flores explained herself the next day by saying that was how people behaved when they loved each other. Soon she began molesting the girl in bed at night and watching her shower in the morning. Over time, Flores became more violent. Flores was canny about concealing her abusiveness, and Lauren says she was too pliant, confused, and ashamed to divulge what she was enduring. When Lauren’s parents asked her one day if she was interested in any guys in her eighth-grade class, Flores set out to find the girl a boyfriend, hoping to avert suspicion. She pointed to a kid in Lauren’s yearbook, Kris Lim, and coached her on how to woo him.