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Paying attention to your go gold live sex instead of your surroundings is dangerous, especially while driving. Here are some creative and original answers: The chicken crossed the road. But why did the chicken cross the road?

Glycerol can be made without peanut oil as well. Galleries are automatically embedded into our site. Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content. Don’t just read about it – See it and get off to it! This is another tale of my wife Sally and her involvement with her black lover Elmore back in the 1970s. Although Elmore does not figure much in this story, he was the instigator of what happened.

He had this very close friend called Andy. As Elmore’s relationship with Sally blossomed he told me all about Andy. His friend had a serious problem. Although he was a tall, well-built and very handsome man he had never had sex with a woman. He had tried often enough, but in spite of everything he just could not get an erection when with a woman. Andy had discovered that he could only get an erection by being beaten with a whip, and the beating had to be severe.

Andy had found a few girlfriends willing to oblige him, but none of them had wanted to beat him so much that he could orgasm and the friendships did not last long. He had tried going to prostitutes, but this had always proved an expensive failure. There were very few prostitutes who were willing to beat him severely, and even they would not consider letting him beat them. And so Elmore asked me if he could approach Sally for help for his friend. I said yes, and on his next visit he broached the subject. He told Sally about his friend’s problem, and asked her if she would help. Elmore spent weeks pleading with Sally, and I joined in.

When she said she was frightened of being hurt I pointed out that she had allowed other men to do much weirder things to her. And at last she agreed to go with Andy, but we had to agree that she would not be left alone in a house with him. The two lovers had never met before and spent some time getting to know each other. They were very embarrassed out the outset, but gradually things warmed up as they talked to each other and drank wine. I noticed that Sally was drinking as much as she could get, she was very nervous. They spent at least an hour in conversation before Andy suggested that they begin. The first thing Sally had to do was to change into a short dressing gown made of towelling, and she made Andy leave the room while she did so.

When he returned he asked my wife to undress him, and she did, stripping him completely naked. From our vantage point we could see no sign of any penis within a great mass of black curly hair. Sally put her hand into this bush, but Andy pushed her away saying she had to wait. He then asked Sally to take a cane from the bed and use it to beat him severely. Sally asked if he was ready, and when he gave the go ahead she gave one of his round buttocks ten lashes.

But he complained that she was not rough enough and explained in much more detail how he wanted her to use the cane. Sally gave the same buttock him ten more lashes. For some time Sally lashed away at Andy’s bottom, always caning the same buttock. Soon this buttock was a mass of bleeding cuts, but Andy kept shouting encouragement to my wife and she kept responding. At last Andy shouted to her to stop, then told her to untie him quickly.